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Der Spiegelarzt
27 February 2010

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Die Scherbe des Himmels
20 February 2010

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Der Hänger im Winter
13 February 2010

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Die Pause
27 December 2009

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Hommage à POP
12 December 2009

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Ein anderes Auto
9 December 2009

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Aus Spree
6 December 2009

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Allee der Kosmonauten
4 December 2009

Recent Comments

Kate on Gehen wir, Männer
Wonderful powerful image.

rafafotografia on Gehen wir, Männer
Great capture. Excellent frame

Ruch Poparcia on Gehen wir, Männer
superb image,great b/w,bravo

Charlotte on ...
What is going on in that kid's face? I love it

k@ on Die Ballettschule
Very nice indiscretion

k@ on Gehen wir, Männer
The rhythm in your compo is fabulous !

Pet on Kraftwerk Berlin-Wilmersdorf
I love this shot - the light, it's geometry and the industrial feel of the vivid city thanks to all the cars.

sara on Gehen wir, Männer
très belle image, sont ce des mormons?

gohar on Die Ballettschule
Very beautiful shot..

daniela scharnowski on Siedlung "Heimat"
Sehr nette Stadtansichten! Dein Blickwinkel gefällt mir gut - hier mußte ich lachen, denn in diesen ...

Bob on Samstag Shopping
Nice Honda!

Shahryar on Kakophonie Mauerpark
interesting shot :)

sara on Kakophonie Mauerpark
impressionnant on dirait le rocher aux singes.

Ralph Jones on Heizkraftwerk Reuter über die Kolonie

Ralph Jones on Kraftwerk Berlin-Wilmersdorf
I really like these giant stacks dominating the landscape.

Ralph Jones on Siedlung "Heimat" 3
1932? Hertlein and Gropius were ahead of their time.

Ralph Jones on Siedlung "Heimat" 2
Love how you use the empty space.

cicoree on Siedlung "Heimat"
This reminds me of the Karl-Marx-Hof in Vienna's Heiligenstadt, even though the architect of that building, Karl ...

Curly on Siedlung "Heimat" 2
Original approach, different. The architecture is similar to that of a prison and you appear to have captivated the ...

Ralph Jones on ...
Very nice, and the graffiti takes it to another level.

sara on ...
Love it, wonderfull one. its not a train window, how did you do this?

Vivian on ...
Väga hästi tabatud! Mulle meeldib ka see, et pildil on leida ka muid detaile peale kahe peategelase - ...

Ralph Jones on Das Mädchen und Gooool
I love the contrast of expressions, this is great street photography!

Lauri on Das Mädchen und Gooool
Kõlan võib-olla iganenult ja konservatiivselt, aga too preili võiks siiski rätiku peast ...

Abraham Siloé on Die Abendsonne im Mauerpark
hey, wow, very nice framing, well done, great shot greets!!!

Sangeeth on Die Abendsonne im Mauerpark
Amazing!! Love the shadows.

Ralph Jones on Die Abendsonne im Mauerpark
5 stars!

Demo on Wenn die Kräne ziehen
very nice composition

Demo on Die Abendsonne im Mauerpark
Wow amazing shot excellent

sara on Die Abendsonne im Mauerpark
très interressant j'adore cette incertitude sur l'age du personnage. Chapeau d'adulte, geste ...

eret on ...
mulle näib, et sakslastel on kõigil sarnased näoilmed, sõltumatult vaustest, noored vanainimesd ...

Curly on ...
Too funny for words :-)

Ralph Jones on ...
Great contrast in this and that's a sweet ride!

Ralph Jones on Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 29. 2.
I like how you often include yourself in a reflection or in this case the shadow.

sara on ...
oh mon dieu comment ne pas rire......

sara on Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 29. 2.
beautiful. Dans un premier temps j'ai cru qu'il était couché par la force des lignes....

Ralph Jones on Die Zeugin Jehovas
Excellent street capture! She has a timeless look.

cicoree on Der Betrachter und das Fenster
It is remarkable to me how in a flat image you have rendered something palpable, an almost moving presence: that of the ...

MARIANA on ...
genial composition .

Ralph Jones on ...
Love the double reflections. Very well thought out.

Ralph Jones on Hitler in der S-Bahn
Very nice B&W street photo.

Ralph Jones on Der Betrachter und das Fenster
I really like this. It's minimal, has fantastic light, and tells a story. Very nicely done.

Triin on ...
Sand turns into glass and glass into water

sara on ...
Une bande nette entre deux surfaces mouvantes

sara on Hitler in der S-Bahn
Une belle image dont la froideur quotidienne encadre bien une image à l'horreur extraordinaire.

Sonia Nansid on Der Betrachter und das Fenster
This is a very interesting picture. The idea is brilliant. Personally I think I would prefer it in black and white, but ...

Curly on Die Decke
Standout greens!

Ralph Jones on Die Decke
Love the tones of the awning and it's reflection, this is also great light.

Siavash on Die Decke
Nice Texture....

theys on Die Decke
Beautiful camera angle, splendid , good works.

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